Progress timeline

Sales launch
Spring 2021
Signing the building contract with Nordecon AS.
July 2021
Building works launch
August 2021
Deadline for confirming the interior finishing choices.
June 2022
Maximum building height achieved
February 2023
Finishing the building works
March 2024

Smart home

A smart home solution will be installed in all apartments. The standard smart home installation includes heating, cooling and ventilation control, phono system image and sound, electricity, heating, and hot and cold water monitoring. The monthly reading of the meter readings is automatic and the system transmits the information directly to the house manager. All of the above can be controlled and monitored from the monitor inside the apartment or via the Internet.

LEED Gold certificate

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used evaluation system for green buildings. It is an international certificate that recognizes buildings that are designed, built and operated in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. The certification process is currently ongoing, the certificate will be issued after the VEKTOR building is completed.

Landscaped roof garden

A 1500 green roof terrace will be built on the roof of the parking house in the courtyard. This is a landscaped place for leisure and gardening, decorated with trees, shrubs and plant beds, deck chairs and a lot more.

  • Private leisure areas with chairs and tables
  • Plant beds and trees for gardening enthusiasts
  • Area for grilling
  • Area for active leisure time with table tennis
  • Sunbathing area
  • 2 gardens with swings and a lot more.


The building is constructed on a shallow foundation made of reinforced concrete. Load - bearing walls, poles and inserted ceilings and floors are made of monolithic and/or prefabricated reinforced concrete. Stairs are made of prefabricated elements.

Inserted ceilings and floors

Inserted ceilings and floors are made of monolithic and/or prefabricated reinforced concrete.

Apartment walls

The walls between the apartments are mainly made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, partly also of solid concrete blocks, which are also covered with mineral wool insulation on both sides and double plasterboard cladding walls. The interior walls of the apartments are built on a metal frame, which is covered with double gypsum board on both sides to increase soundproofing. The interior of the walls is filled with mineral wool. The interior walls of the washrooms are covered with Tycroc waterproof tiles. Separate toilets and utility rooms with moisture-proof gypsum.

Facades and roofs

The building has a combined facade the bulk of which is a combination of aluminium profile glass walls and thermoprofile steel frames. The latter are covered with facade slabs or aluminium profile elements. Roof-ceilings are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements and covered with hydro-insulating roll roofing and insulated with robust mineral wool slabs.


The building features district heating. Apartments have hydronic underfloor heating and sanitary installations are fitted with electric underfloor heating. The room temperatures can be adjusted on a room-by-room basis with thermostats. Commercial and office premises are equipped with radiator heating. Heating system uses remotely read meters.


The building's premises are cooled by a central water cooling system. All apartments on floors 5-16 are equipped with room-based FanCoil cooling equipment. Commercial and office premises are provided with cooling system combined from ventilation and local cooling equipment. Individual remote meters are used to measure cold energy.


Every apartment will be equipped with a separate high-efficiency heat-recovery ventilation unit. Central heat recovery and water-cooled ventilation systems will be installed in commercial and office premises. The heated underground parking floor has demand-based ventilation, including heat recovery.

High current

Apartment switchboards are flush to the wall. The switchboards in the ancillary rooms are mounted on the wall. Lighting fixtures are installed in the ceiling in the ancillary room, sanitary installations, hallway and on the balcony.

Preparedness for lighting fixtures is provided in other rooms. The remotely-read electricity meters in commercial and office premises are located inside the main switchboard and every office premise has its own switchboard. Lighting fixtures and sockets are installed according to the interior decoration layout.

Weak current

Optical communications cables are used to establish a communication link in apartments and commercial and office premises. Cat6 cables are used for the telephone network and TV cabling in the building.

Height of ceilings

  • First floor commercial premises – 5,6 m.
  • Commercial premises on floors 2-4 – 3,1 m.
  • Apartments on floors 5-15 – 2,7 m.
  • The penthouse on the 16th floor and 12th floor of the "Tower 2"– 3,1 m.
  • The ceilings are lower where inserted ceilings have been installed.


Apartments are equipped with triple glass window panes in wooden and aluminium frames. Commercial and office premises feature a glass-aluminium facade.


The internal doors of apartments are made of smooth veneer. The exterior doors of the apartments are wooden. The external doors of commercial and office premises are mostly glass doors with aluminium profile systems.


Balcony railings consist of glass barriers encased in a metal frame. Balconies may be closed with glass up to a maximum of 75% above the fence.


There are two fast lifts in both apartment building towers, connecting the underground carpark floor to the above-ground floors.

Commercial and office premises have a separate entrance with three lifts accessible from the carpark and the underground garage area.


Every commercial and office room, apartment and the general storage area can be armed separately, cabling is prepared for security equipment (equipment not included in the price).

Entrances to the building are equipped with a video door-phone system with video screen panels in apartments.

The perimeter of the building, different carpark floors, entries and common areas are equipped with security cameras.

Apartments are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system.

Main entries (incl. doors to and the barrier of the parking area) can be opened with a key card.

Parking and storage areas

Parking places, storage areas and a bike park at the disposal of apartment owners are located in the underground garage area with direct lift access to selected floors; and partially in parking house (floorrrs 1-4).

Parking for commercial and office premises is arranged in the carpark with direct access to the stairways and lifts of the commercial building from each floor of the carpark.

Charging stations for electric cars

The parking slots in underground garage  (floor -1) area have the readiness to install electric charger for car. 16 parking lots on each floor of the parking house have the readiness to install electric charger for car (floors 1-4).

Energy class

The energy class of this building is ‘B’