Bring your business to Vektor!

Our business premises have all the comforts you would expect to set up a modern environment for your team.

  • Space 1-1
    486,2 m2
  • Space 1-2
    255,7 m2
  • Space 1-3
    300,2 m2
  • Space 1-4
    575,4 m2
  • Space 2-1
    217,6 m2
  • Space 2-2
    176,9 m2
  • Space 2-3
    329,8 m2
  • Space 2-4
    310,5 m2
  • Space 2-5
    403,2 m2
  • Space 2-6
    634,8 m2
  • Space 3-1
    216,7 m2
  • Space 3-2
    175,8 m2
  • Space 3-3
    329,8 m2
  • Space 3-4
    310,7 m2
  • Space 3-5
    402,7 m2
  • Space 3-6
    635,4 m2
  • Space 4-1
    217,5 m2
  • Space 4-2
    176,9 m2
  • Space 4-3
    330,0 m2
  • Space 4-4
    312,7 m2
  • Space 4-5
    404,9 m2
  • Space 4-6
    635,1 m2
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Floor plan PDF

The plans here present sample solutions. Final room plan is developed according to the buyer/tenant's wishes. Adjacent office spaces and commercial spaces can be combined into one larger space. One floor enables to acommodate an office with about 2000 sqm. 

Sustainable and cutting-edge solutions

Vektor is heading towards LEED Gold certificate, ensuring a long-lasting and energy efficient living and working environment with low maintenance costs.


Comfortable solutions for parking

We're located in a district that is convenient for any means of transport - you can easily get here from several directions by public transport as well as by car. Office premises are connected to the spacious parking house, to ensure that you would get to the offices comfortably, in any weather.

Green terrace for the wellness breaks during the day

Fresh air and greenery clears the head and helps to maintain work productivity. The spacious green area to be built on the roof of the Vektor parking house allows the office space users to diversify their work environment during the day and take breaks in the fresh air.

Standard interior finishings chosen for business premises are timeless, durable and practical, enabling you to fit in your branding and furnishing easily.

Interior materials

Sales and rental info

Rent for office premises starts from 18 €/m² (VAT is added to the price). More information about the sales and rental price list from our sales team.